Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Cabinet have approved extensions to contracts for the providers of Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) and Residual Waste Treatment services in the borough.

The contract extensions are the next step in delivering the council’s Waste Management Strategy, which was agreed in 2021, following the introduction of new recycling containers and new fleet of waste collection vehicles.

The council’s seven HWRCs are currently managed by HW Martin Waste Limited (HWM), and the contract will now be extended by 12 months until March 31, 2026.

FCC Environment provide Residual Waste Treatment services for the council, and their contract will be extended by three years until March 31, 2027.

The council produces approximately 70,000 tonnes of residual (non-recyclable) waste each year, through the kerbside black bins, non-recyclable waste from HWRCs, the Bulky Waste Service and StreetCare waste (litter, litterbin and some fly-tipped waste collected by StreetCare and Avenue Services.) FCC Environment treat this waste, resulting in zero waste to landfill, with the residues from incineration (bottom ash and fly ash) being recycled for use in the construction industry.

Treatment of residual waste is a key part of delivering the council’s climate change ambitions. The council views waste as an asset that can be used to create energy and other uses. The contract with FCC Environment means that waste is treated as close to the source as possible, reducing the carbon impact of waste collection and transportation.

FCC Environment is funding £10,000 per year as part of the contract to fund environmental projects locally.

'Good value for money'

The council currently re-uses and recycles 60% of waste, with ambitions to reach 70% as part of the long-term climate change objectives to bring further carbon and financial savings.

These contract extensions enable the council to take the time to take advantage of creativity, innovation and new and emerging technological opportunities which are expected to emerge over the next few years, such as new reprocessing facilities that can help to lower costs and enhance recycling solutions in the future.

Cllr Karen Shore, Cabinet Member for Environment, Highways and Transport, said: “The contracts for our HWRCs and Residual Waste Treatment have been working well; with around 60% of all waste now being re-used or recycled.

"At a time of cost increases and market fluctuations, these contract extensions also represent good value for money, with the HWRC contract secured at existing prices for the next 12 months, and the Residual Waste Treatment contract guaranteed to not increase in cost over the three-year period.

"Importantly, these contracts give us the chance to increase our re-use and recycling rate to 70%, and help us to achieve our goal of the borough becoming carbon neutral by 2045.”