SHOPPERS were left feeling frustrated at the weekend after being ‘trapped’ in huge queues on a Cheshire retail park.

There were long delays for those trying to leave Riverside Retail Park on Saturday afternoon.

One person has slammed the retail park as having the ‘most ridiculous car park’ they have ‘ever come across’.

Queues of traffic were stretching back not only across the whole car park, but back to Wharf Industrial Estate which is located behind the shopping park.

Some shoppers were forced to queue for more than an hour and a half just to get off the site.

One person claimed it took them 40 minutes just to drive from Sports Direct to one of the exits at McDonald’s.

“It is an absolute joke,” one person said.

“There needs to be an outlet road at the back or something, it is just horrendous on there at the minute.”

Another said: “I simply won’t visit at the weekend for this very reason.

“It is the most ridiculous car park I have ever come across in my life.”

Traffic on Riverside Retail Park is known for being particularly ‘horrendous’ close to the Christmas period.