NEW 20mph speed limits will be imposed on selected roads at the England/Wales border in Chester, it has been confirmed.

A new Traffic Regulation Order for Cheshire West and Chester Council will come into effect on three roads by the border on the same day the default national speed limit for restricted roads in Wales drops from 30mph to 20mph – September 17.

Boundary Lane, which is split by the England-Wales border, will be 20mph in both directions as a result of the combined authorities' new speed limits. A 20mph zone is already in place for the area outside Wood Memorial Primary School during term time.

The traffic order means that a 187-metre stretch of River Lane, near Saltney's Asda store on the English side of the border, will also become a 20mph road, with the remainder of River Lane heading towards Go Outdoors becoming 20mph under the Welsh Government initiative.

The Chester Street junction, which meets both roads, will also be 20mph from the point where it meets the border at The Anchor pub, to 44 metres east of the junction with Boundary Lane, ie around the railway bridge.

Police mobile speed camera vans will be in place on the Welsh side of the border as the new limits come into effect later this month.

The First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, said the speed limit cut across 30mph roads in Wales would save the NHS £92 million a year.

The Welsh Government plans have met a mixed reception from residents and businesses.

Roads which cross the England/Wales border where the speed is not 30mph, such as the A55, the A483 and Sealand Road, will not have any changes to the speed limit.