THIS is the moment when baby serial killer Lucy Letby was arrested at her Chester home in July 2018.

Cheshire Police descended at the Westbourne Road home on July 3, just after 6am, to arrest Letby on suspicion of multiple counts of murder and attempted murder.

Letby has since become the most convicted child killer in UK legal history, having been found guilty of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder six more at the Countess of Chester Hospital between June 2015 and June 2016, while working as a neonatal unit nurse.

Police body-worn footage shows Letby, who had recently returned from a family holiday, opening the door and initially smiling before police introduce themselves and enter the address.

Further footage shows Letby being taken away from her home to a police car about 10 minutes later, while newly released footage also shows her at Blacon Custody Suite, during the first of her set of police interviews.

During the trial on May 2, Letby was asked by her defence barrister Benjamin Myers KC about being arrested for the first time. She replied this was nothing like she had ever experienced before.

Wiping away tears, Letby said there was a knocking on the door at 6am from police. At the time, her father was with her. They had "no idea at all" the police were coming that day.

"They told me I was being arrested for multiple counts of murder, they put me into handcuffs and took me away" in her pyjamas.

Letby was further arrested in July 2019 and November 2020 while she was living in Hereford with her parents.


She added, of the arrests, "It was just the most...scariest thing I have ever been through. It's just traumatised me."

But in cross-examination, prosecutor Nicholas Johnson KC said Letby had "deliberately misled" the jury about the background to the arrests.

Letby told the court police knocked on her door at 6am when they arrested her. She says she thought she had a nightie and a tracksuit and trainers.

Mr Johnson said Letby was taken away in a blue Lee Cooper leisure suit. Letby replied she is not sure.

At the time of the cross-examination on June 9, Mr Johnson said video footage could be played to the court of her arrest. Letby then agreed she was taken away in that leisure suit.

For the 2019 arrest, Letby agreed she was not taken away in her pyjamas.

Mr Johnson asked Letby: "Why did you lie to the jury about this?" Letby replied: "I don't know."

Letby then added it was the first arrest when she was taken in her pyjamas.

Mr Johnson asked her: "Do you want to watch the video?"

Letby did not respond.

Mr Johnson said: "You are a very calculating woman, aren't you?" Letby replied: "No."

Mr Johnson added: "And the reason you tell lies is to get sympathy and attention from people."