A CHESTER city centre beauty firm is preparing to open a second store next month.

The Scented Garden Retreat, which offers a range of health and well-being services in Chester, is announcing its expansion in response to increasing demand.

With its flagship store located on Northgate Street Row, the new branch is set to open near Telford’s Warehouse at the end of August.

This expansion marks a significant milestone for the company, with the new venue introduce a range of advanced skin treatments, including micro needling and microdermabrasion.

With increased staffing and ample space at the new location, customers can expect a reduction in waiting times, enhancing their overall experience.

Chester business owner Dawn Robinson with Scented Garden owner Laura Heywood , Chester BIDs Luka Morrell with Leisa Roberts from Brow HQ.

Chester business owner Dawn Robinson with Scented Garden owner Laura Heywood , Chester BID's Luka Morrell with Leisa Roberts from Brow HQ.

Reflecting on the company's journey, Laura Heywood, owner of The Scented Garden Retreat, shared her gratitude.

She said: "The first Scented Garden Retreat was established on Godstall Lane with the support of a £3,000 grant from The Prince's Trust. This initial backing laid a strong foundation for me as an independent business, providing access to essential assistance from business advisors and mentors."

The Scented Garden Retreat owes much of its success to its strategic location in Chester, as well as the unwavering support of a dedicated customer base and the collaboration of local businesses.

Laura further expressed her pride in the accomplishments of her team, saying: "I have always been incredibly proud of what my team and I have achieved over the years in this city.

"Now, witnessing the realisation of my dream through the establishment of a second location, I am immensely grateful to everyone who has been part of this journey. I especially extend my heartfelt thanks to our customers, who have become friends over the years – I couldn't have done it without you!"

Luka Morrell, business engagement manager at Chester BID (Business Improvement District), also shared words of congratulations.

She said: “Congratulations to Laura and the team at The Scented Garden Retreat. It's always inspiring to see new businesses investing in Chester, whether they are larger retailers or independent ventures.

"However, it is particularly gratifying when a well-established business like Laura's chooses to further invest in our city, building upon the strong foundation that already exists."