A FOOD bank has teamed up with a charity app to let people know of the items need to help families before Christmas.

Residents are being asked to connect with their local food bank using the BanktheFood charity app and donate. 

BanktheFood will ping a list of urgently needed items and show the location of the local donation stations.

As more people struggle with the cost of living, food banks across the country are struggling to keep up with demand.

BanktheFood is a free charity-run app, run solely by volunteers, that enables users to find and connect with local food banks.

It sends a push notification of the most needed items every time the food bank runs low on essentials.

The app will even send a list of what’s urgently needed on arrival at the local supermarket, enabling shoppers to pick up a few extra items and donate at the local donation station.

“More and more people are struggling to make ends meet these days and are turning to us for help, but we worry that need is starting to outweigh the number of donations we receive," says Ian Oulton, trustee at West Cheshire foodbank.

He added: “We are asking people to download the BanktheFood app which enables us tell people exactly what we need; our volunteer drivers collect from supermarkets every week. 

"As a result, we can keep providing nutritionally balanced food parcels to those in need. As demand for foodbanks continues to grow, this app is a valuable resource for ensuring everyone has enough to eat.”

Emma Spring, CEO of BanktheFood, said: “Christmas is often a tough time for people, and food banks will be a lifeline for many.

"If we can encourage people to use the free BanktheFood app, we can help community food banks get what they need when they need it and ensure nobody goes without. It makes a huge difference.

Things your local food bank might need:
- Cereal
- Soup
- Rice
- Pasta Sauce
- Tinned meat, fish, fruit and veg
- Tea/coffee
- Tinned fruit
- Biscuits
- Toiletries
- Hygiene products
Check the BanktheFood app to find exactly what your local food bank needs.