UFC star Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett has shared the daily diet he uses to cut the pounds in the lead up-up to fights.

The Liverpool fighter is well-known for blowing up after fights and cutting weight quickly ahead of his next bout.

As the new year fast approaches many of us will be planning new year’s resolutions with one of the most popular being to cut the Christmas pounds.

Paddy’s personal chef has revealed exactly what he consumes per day to help cut weight and it may surprise you.

In a vlog on his YouTube channel, Paddy introduced Joel McCarthy who plans out what he eats as The Macro Chef while in camp with the UFC fighter admitting having his meals prepared “makes my life 10 times easier”.

So, what does Paddy eat in a day to lose so much weight?

In total, the UFC star consumes between 1400 and 1700 calories a day to create a calorie deficit.

Chester and District Standard: Paddy The Baddy chicken wrap.Paddy The Baddy chicken wrap. (Image: YouTube: Paddy The Baddy)

Although it will vary slightly from week to week, his chef revealed that for breakfast, he will usually have a protein granola pot or some overnight oats weighing in at between 300 and 350 calories.

For lunch he will consume a cold sandwich or wrap which can range from 450 to 520 calories.

For dinner it will be a hot meal such as pasta and meatballs (470 calories) or a wagyu beef burger with sweet potato fries. (around 500 calories).

Chester and District Standard: Paddy The Baddy pasta meal. Paddy The Baddy pasta meal. (Image: Youtube: Paddy The Baddy)

Then it's time for Paddy's "favourite" sweet treats which will either be a chocolate protein cake (220 calories) or a protein cookie (230 calories).

Joel said: “Paddy is very particular about what he likes veg-wise.

“Doesn’t like peppers but he likes cabbage, doesn’t like mushroom but he likes peas.

“Onions and beansprouts are an absolute no-go.

“My whole kitchen – all my team – are just on it to keep any onions away from Paddy’s food.”

Paddy Pimblett will fight Jared Gordon on December 11 as the co-main event for UFC 282.