THE trial of Countess of Chester Hospital nurse Lucy Letby, who denied murdering seven babies and attempting to murder 10 more between June 2015 and June 2016, lasted over 10 months.

The jury at Manchester Crown Court - where the trial took place - began hearing evidence in October 2022.

The jury was sent out on July 10, 2023, and - after one juror was discharged for personal reasons - the remaining 11 jurors found Letby guilty on 14 of the 22 counts.

They found her guilty on all seven baby murder charges, and seven counts of attempting to murder six more babies. Letby was found not guilty on two counts, and jurors were unable to reach verdicts on six counts.

Here is the story from Friday, August 18, when the jury announced it could not reach any more verdicts, having provided verdicts over the previous 10 days:

Nurse Lucy Letby found guilty of seven baby murders and seven attempted murders:

Here is our extensive coverage of the trial:

Week one before a jury:

Letby denies five further charges:

Prosecution opening recap part 1:

Prosecution opening part 2:

Prosecution opening part 3, plus defence statement:

Countess of Chester Hospital nurse Lucy Letby "was poisoner at work", trial hears:

Countess of Chester Hospital nurse 'injected new-born twins with air', court told:

Countess of Chester Hospital nurse 'caught by mum trying to attack her new-born son':

Countess of Chester Hospital nurse 'tried to poison new-born twin with insulin':

'TV doctor Ravi walked in on Lucy Letby 'attacking 98-minute-old baby'':

Nurse 'tried to murder two sets of twins in same way':

Nurse's note 'I AM EVIL I DID THIS' found at Chester home:

Revealed: The 'I AM EVIL' handwritten note by Lucy Letby found at her Chester home:

'Sub-optimal care at Countess hospital' a factor in baby collapses, defence say:

Friday, October 14 recap:

Defence questions expertise of independent medical witness:

Week two:

Monday, October 17 recap:

Twins' mother pleaded to staff: 'Don't let my baby die', Lucy Letby trial told:

Tuesday, October 18 recap:

Lucy Letby 'made several Facebook searches for mum of baby who died at neonatal unit':

Wednesday, October 19 recap:

Death of baby in Lucy Letby case came ‘completely out of the blue’, witness says:

Thursday, October 20 recap:

Doctor tells of 'striking' discolouration on dying baby's skin:

Friday, October 21 recap:

Expert says ‘line of gas’ in post-mortem X-ray was ‘unusual’:

Week three:

Colleague nurse thought ‘not again’ when baby suddenly collapsed:

Consultant tells court skin marks on dying baby ‘didn’t fit with anything he’d seen’:

Tuesday, October 25 recap:

'Teaspoon of air' was enough to kill baby boy at neonatal unit:

Wednesday, October 26 recap:

Baby allegedly murdered by nurse stopped breathing ‘without warning’:

Thursday, October 27 recap:

Murder-accused nurse said death of second baby was ‘all a bit much’:

Friday, October 28 recap:

Accused nurse ‘stood by baby’s incubator after heart rate and oxygen alert’:

Week four:

Monday, October 31 recap:

Accused nurse told to leave alone parents of dying newborn baby, court told:

Tuesday, November 1 recap:

Expert medical witness denies ‘reaching’ to support claims against Lucy Letby:

Murder-accused nurse told police she found baby’s lingering death ‘quite hard’:

Thursday, November 3 recap:

Accused nurse ‘hovering around’ evening before baby’s death, mother tells court:

Lucy Letby told fellow nurse there was ‘element of fate’ in baby deaths:

Friday, November 4 recap:

Nurse recalls ‘unusual’ rash on baby allegedly murdered by Lucy Letby:

Week five:

Doctor tells court 'completely unclear' why baby had dramatic deteriorations:

Lucy Letby ‘told off’ colleague over shout for help, murder trial hears:

Tuesday, November 8 recap:

Baby had 'made good progress' before fatal collapse:

Letby colleague ‘had sleepless nights’ over neo-natal unit incidents:

Thursday, November 10 - ill juror:

Friday, November 11 recap:

Expert: Baby girl's collapses 'came out of the blue' -

Week six:

Monday, November 14 recap:

Mother 'completely trusted' Lucy Letby to care for 'screaming' son:

Lucy Letby: Death of newborn ‘could have happened to any baby’:

Tuesday, November 15 recap:

Baby was stable apart from high blood sugar reading:

Doctor sorry for lack of baby post-mortem examination:

Thursday, November 17 recap:

Doctor denies being 'out of his depth' in care of baby:

Wire could have caused baby's 'extraordinary bleeding', court hears:

Week seven:

Monday, November 21 - ill juror:

Tuesday, November 22 recap:

Accused nurse Letby went salsa dancing night after ‘murder bid’:

Colleagues deny administering insulin to baby boy:

Thursday, November 24 recap:

‘Poisoned’ baby had ‘extremely high level’ of insulin:

Friday, November 25 recap:

Baby’s heart rate soared after receiving insulin:

Week eight:

Colleague denies adding anything to baby’s feed bag:

Tuesday, November 29, recap:

Blood abnormalities 'not cause of babies’ collapse':

Baby ‘received two bags of poisoned feed’:

Thursday, December 1 recap:

Lucy Letby ‘tried to kill baby hours after helping to mark 100th day’:

Colleague 'surprised at baby's turn for the worse':

Week nine (note - juror ill on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, no evidence heard on those days):

Baby ‘very poorly’ after alleged attack by nurse Lucy Letby:

Week 10:

Monday, December 12 recap:

Baby girl was ‘force-fed massive amounts of milk’:

Mother ‘told Lucy Letby she was pleased she was caring for baby girl’:

Doctor questioned over status of baby monitor:

Doctor tells nurse Letby's trial ‘at no point did I turn monitor off’:

Week 11 - juror absences mean no new evidence is heard in court this week

Week 12:

Lucy Letby trial, Wednesday, January 18:

Baby ‘improved dramatically’ after hospital transfer:

Nurse 'commended' for work during 'stressful situation':

Medics could find no reason why baby ‘suddenly collapsed’:

Doctor says baby girl was in 'precarious' situation:

Week 13: 

‘No explanation’ why baby suffered second collapse:

Baby received 'suboptimal care' at Countess:

Lucy Letby trial, Wednesday, January 25:

'Smiling' Lucy Letby offered to take photos of dead baby for parents:

Court hears nurse was keen to work extra shifts:

Crying Lucy Letby said ‘it’s always me when it happens’, court told:

Week 14:

Doctor saw ‘unusual’ mottling on baby:

Lucy Letby trial, Thursday, February 2:

Lucy Letby wrote sympathy card to baby’s grieving parents:

Baby cried 'like never before' in hours before death:

Doctor tearfully recalls efforts to save baby:

Week 15:

Baby 'killed by injection of air into bloodstream':

Judge described expert witness report as 'worthless':

Lucy Letby trial, Friday, February 10:

Mother 'utterly shocked' at baby girl's collapse:

Week 16:

Baby girl had two unexplained seizures within 30 minutes:

Baby girl's seizures 'did not happen naturally':

Lucy Letby trial, Wednesday, February 15:

Lucy Letby ‘celebrated Grand National bet after twin murders attempt’:

Lucy Letby breaks down as doctor gives evidence at trial:

Week 17:

Lucy Letby told police insulin dose given to baby was ‘not done by me’:

Note detailing baby’s medication was in Lucy Letby’s home, court told:

Doctor tells of shock at possible baby deaths cause:

Baby boy collapsed because of ‘slow injection of air’:

Baby had dangerously low blood sugar levels for three days:

Week 18:

Lucy Letby trial, Monday, February 27:

Nurse ‘tried to murder baby within two hours of her birth’:

Lucy Letby trial, Tuesday, February 28:

Doctor 'uncomfortable' at Lucy Letby being alone with baby:

Doctor ‘wishes he went straight to police over Lucy Letby concerns’:

Nurse may have been waiting for baby to ‘self-correct’:

Lucy Letby trial, Thursday, March 2:

Lucy Letby hugged mother after attempts to murder her baby, court told:

Lucy Letby told colleague she ‘wanted to cry’ after baby collapsed:

Week 19:

‘Unusual’ presence of blood in throat of baby:

Medic denies ‘touting for job’ helping Lucy Letby police probe:

Lucy Letby trial, Wednesday, March 8:

Parents begged baby triplet be moved after brothers died:

Lucy Letby ‘insistent triplet not be moved to intensive care':

(Note: Trial adjourned on March 10 due to bad weather)

Week 20:

Bid to remove nurse from her duties was refused:

Baby allegedly murdered by nurse Lucy Letby 'injected with air':

‘Unusual’ amount of gas detected in baby:

Week 21:

Lucy Letby 'fainted after she and fellow medics could not revive baby':

Nurse Lucy Letby found caring for less poorly infants ‘boring’:

Doctor ‘shocked’ as Lucy Letby asked if baby was ‘leaving here alive’:

Senior doctors wanted CCTV if Lucy Letby returned to neonatal unit:

Lucy Letby trial, Thursday, March 23:

Baby boy died 'after nurse forced air down feeding tube':

Week 22:

Baby suffered liver injury akin to road traffic collision:

‘Forceful CPR’ could not be cause of baby’s liver damage:

Lucy Letby trial, Friday, March 31:

Doctor told Lucy Letby: ‘I would trust you with my own children’:

Week 23:

Alarms sounded at baby’s cot shortly after nurse left room:

(Note: Juror illness on Tuesday, April 4 - trial adjourned)

Doctor ‘upset she may have injured baby’:

Baby ‘had clear liquid forced down his throat’:

Lucy Letby 'worried' she was 'in trouble' over baby deaths:

Trial adjourned for Easter break

Week 24:

Lucy Letby trial, Monday, April 17:

Nurse accused of baby murders weeps in the dock:

Here's what police saw inside Lucy Letby's Chester home:

The handwritten messages found in her bedroom:

(Note: Juror illness on Wednesday, April 19 - no evidence heard)

Lucy Letby ‘upset and frustrated’ minutes before baby collapsed:

Lucy Letby told police three baby deaths in fortnight ‘bad luck’:

Week 25:

Lucy Letby 'took photo of sympathy card to remember kind words':

Lucy Letby trial, Thursday, April 27:

Staffing levels quite poor at times, Lucy Letby told police:

Lucy Letby wrote note because ‘everything got on top of me’:

End of prosecution case

Week 26 - defence begins, Letby gives evidence:

Lucy Letby trial, Tuesday, May 2:

Lucy Letby tells court it was ‘sickening’ being blamed for baby deaths:

Lucy Letby trial, Friday, May 5 - defence continues:

Lucy Letby was ‘stunned’ at death of first alleged victim:

Lucy Letby found death of twin boy in her care ‘very traumatic’:

Week 27: Jury illness and public holiday mean no new evidence is heard this week

Week 28:

Lucy Letby trial, Monday, May 15 - defence continues:

Lucy Letby 'very concerned' for baby 'left alone on trolley':

Lucy Letby trial, Tuesday, May 16 - defence continues:

Lucy Letby denies being in nursery at time baby girl collapsed:

Letby cross-examination begins:

Lucy Letby trial, Wednesday, May 17 - defence continues:

Lucy Letby: Loss of babies on neonatal unit was 'harrowing':

Lucy Letby denies she has only cried for herself during trial:

Lucy Letby trial, May 18 - prosecution cross-examines Letby:

‘Gang of four’ consultants pinned baby deaths on me:

Lucy Letby denies photographing sympathy card ‘to get thrill’:

Lucy Letby trial, May 19 - cross-examination continues:

Hospital colleagues’ mistakes led to death of baby:

Week 29:

Lucy Letby trial, May 24 - cross-examination continues:

'Raw sewage' may have contributed to deaths of babies:

Lucy Letby accused of faking medical entries to cover tracks:

Lucy Letby trial, May 25 - cross-examination continues:

Letby ‘attacked nine babies after parents left cotsides’:

Week 30:

Lucy Letby trial, June 2 - cross-examination continues:

Letby denies ‘getting thrill’ at seeing parents bathe dead baby:

Week 31:

Lucy Letby trial, June 5 - cross-examination continues:

Letby ‘one of two nurses on duty when babies poisoned months apart':

Lucy Letby trial, June 7 - cross-examination continues:

Letby denies 'rooting in bin' to keep note of baby's resuscitation:

Lucy Letby trial, June 8 - cross-examination continues:

Lucy Letby denies attacking baby to get doctor’s attention:

Lucy Letby trial, June 9 - cross-examination continues:

Letby denies she is ‘calculated’ liar who murdered ‘many children’:

Letby cross-examination ends

Week 32:

Lucy Letby trial, June 14 - defence continues:

Plumber tells of sewage issues at hospital where Lucy Letby worked:

Judge tells Lucy Letby trial jurors to set aside emotion:

Week 33: 

Prosecution closing speech

Lucy Letby trial, Monday, June 19 - closing speeches:

Lucy Letby ‘gaslighted’ hospital staff over baby collapses:

Lucy Letby trial, June 20- prosecution closing speech:

Lucy Letby ‘completely out of control’ after holiday:

Lucy Letby was 'playing god' in neonatal unit, trial hears:

Lucy Letby trial, June 21- prosecution closing speech:

Lucy Letby 'lied about not remembering baby she allegedly murdered':

Lucy Letby trial, June 22- prosecution closing speech:

‘Devious’ Lucy Letby tried to deflect suspicion, court told:

Lucy Letby trial adjourned on June 23 due to ill juror:

Week 34:

Defence closing speech

Lucy Letby trial, June 26 - defence closing speech:

Case against Lucy Letby fuelled by presumption of guilt’:

Lucy Letby trial, June 27 - defence closing speech:

Air injection evidence ‘so poor it cannot support Letby allegations’:

Lucy Letby trial, June 28 - defence closing speech:

Letby would have needed ‘Nostradamus-like’ ability to target baby:

Lucy Letby trial, June 29 - defence closing speech:

Chester doctor’s claims about Letby ‘not worthy of belief’:

Case against Lucy Letby 'incomplete and inconsistent':

Week 35:

Judge's summing up

July 3:

July 4:

July 5:

July 6:

Week 36:

July 10:

Jury out on July 10

Jury discharged after 110 hours and 26 minutes of deliberation

Nurse Lucy Letby found guilty of seven baby murders and seven attempted murders: