FACTR, a new gym in Chester's Moxy Hotel, has been overwhelmed by the response since opening in May as they attempt to change the way people perceive training.

Using a community driven approach, FACTR say that they are aiming to 'fill the gap' between PT studios and commercial gyms. After their first month in business, it seems that their plan has worked out well.

Co-Founder and Director, Christos Pyrgas comments: "We recognised that there was a serious lack of support for gym goers in the commercial gym model. Members are essentially paying to rent a room full of fancy equipment without any real, long-term direction on how to use it to support their fitness goals."

Around 62% of commercial gym memberships go completely unused and around 50% of members cancel their membership in the first six months. Christos and his co-founder Richard Malpass felt that with a more collective approach to training, they could prevent people from losing interest in the gym.

"People are unsure of what programme to follow, have no idea how to work around (or prevent) injuries and receive no guidance on how to make the vital nutrition and lifestyle changes needed to support their ever-evolving goals. Most importantly, these gym memberships don’t provide any sense of community, camaraderie, or accountability, all proven to result in a more enjoyable and effective fitness journey."

Co-founder and Head Coach, Richard Malpass, adds: "We specialise in delivering small group personal training sessions in a premium gym environment.

"Our groups are small enough to allow members that personalised, coaching experience, whilst benefiting from the fun of working out together. Humans are social animals, so it’s not surprising that we achieve more when we feel part of a community. Research has proven that training in small groups increases your likelihood of sticking to a programme and ultimately achieving lasting change."

Membership includes three small group personal training sessions and one conditioning focused bootcamp each week, or members can choose to do two of each if they prefer. The package also includes access to the open gym, FACTR community events and the FACTR digital hub, a unique education platform filled with training tips, demonstrations and additional nutrition and lifestyle advice tailored towards members’ goals.

For more information on events and for a chance to hear more about the team's ethos follow @_factr or visit: https://factr.co.uk.