A CHESTER cancer survivor is preparing to take on another big charity challenge.

It is 10 years since Nathalie Rees, from Hoole, had breast cancer, and to make this year special, she is taking on three fundraisers in aid of the Backford-based Hospice of the Good Shepherd.

Nathalie has already completed the first of the three challenges, a 100-mile Viking run in Kent on May 21-22, while the second is much closer to home.

The second challenge will be a 300km bike ride, consisting of 12 loops along the Chester Millennium Greenway and the River Dee Wales Coast Path between Chester city centre and the John Summers Steelworks in Shotton, Flintshire.

Nathalie explained: "I wanted to make this year special and do some more 'crazy' stuff I love, running and cycling.

"Why 300km (186.4 miles)? I was going to do London to Paris in one day with an organisation, but decided the entry fee and extra costs was a lot so decided to organise a ride in Chester over the same distance and involve friends.

"I will be raising much-needed funds for the local Hospice of the Good Shepherd."

Nathalie will begin her challenge at Bren Bikes at 6am on Saturday, June 25, cycling from there towards the Greenway/River Dee loop – the direction depending on the wind that day.

The fundraiser hopes to complete her challenge by dark, and will be joined along the way by 17 friends, many of them from her running club, the Chester Road Runners. Also showing support will be her husband David.

A gazebo will be based next to Bren Bikes, just off the Greenway in Newton (New Scene, Limewood Close, CH2 2HD), and people are welcome to donate in the hospice bucket that day, with cakes and sweets available for those dropping by.

After completing this challenge Nathalie – who has completed over 100 marathons – will be taking on the London Marathon in October this year to complete her trilogy of challenges.