A LARGE pile of fly-tipping dumped in a picturesque area of Cheshire has been highlighted by police.

The Cheshire Police Rural Crime Team commented on the pile of rubbish they had discovered dumped in the Dunham-on-the-Hill area earlier this week.

The team commented: "It’s such a blight in a picturesque area and is just such a selfish and lazy thing to do.

"I will share this information with our partner agency at Cheshire West and Chester Council who we work closely with regards to fly-tipping.

"Just a reminder that you can receive hefty fines for dumping waste in inappropriate places and also hefty fines for allowing people to do so on your behalf!"

Cheshire West and Chester Council has the power to prosecute people suspected of being involved in fly-tipping.

To report such incidents, or for more information, visit https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/streets-and-open-spaces/fly-tipping.aspx