Ellesmere Port and Neston MP, Justin Madders has responded after him and two other Cheshire MPs were included on a list of UK political figures banned from visiting Russia.

Mr Madders issued a stern rebuke to Russia's leading UK-based diplomat after himself, Chester MP Chris Matheson and Mike Amesbury, MP for Weave Vale, were included on a sanctions list.

In a letter to His Excellency Ambassador Andrei Kelin at the London-based Embassy of the Russian Federation, Mr Madders wrote: "Whilst I have no current plans to visit Russia your actions will not inhibit me from criticising what is an unjustified and unconscionable act of aggression from the Russian state in Ukraine.

"I do wish to point out, however, that unlike yourself I am capable of drawing a distinction between the actions of the Russian state and the Russian people themselves, so I refute your suggestion that I have contributed to the ‘groundless whipping up of Russophobic hysteria in the UK’."

Calling for a ‘swift response’, Mr Madders said: "I therefore ask that you provide further details of the evidence you have to support your assertions and formal written confirmation of the process, terms and duration of the sanction reported to have been imposed on me."

Meanwhile Mr Amesbury, who has hit out at Russia and President Putin in speeches before Parliament, says he sees the banning order as a ‘badge of honour’.

Mr Amesbury said: "I stand with Ukraine. This is Putin’s war, Putin is the aggressor. He has invaded a sovereign nation and we have seen the horrors inflicted on the Ukrainian people. Putin needs to withdraw.

"I also stand with those in Russia who are bravely opposing the war. Governments, including our own, need to step up sanctions against the Putin regime."

The move comes in response to the UK government's decision to include 386 deputies of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation as part of its sanctions. Russia has now imposed personal restrictions on 287 members of the House of Commons.

The statement from the Russian Federation reads: "These persons, who are no longer allowed to enter the Russian Federation, took the most active part in the establishment of anti-Russian sanctions instruments in London, and contribute to the groundless whipping up of Russophobic hysteria in the UK.

"The hostile rhetoric and far-fetched accusations coming from the mouths of British parliamentarians not only condone the hostile course of London, aimed at demonizing our country and its international isolation, but are also used by opponents of mutually respectful dialogue with Russia to undermine the foundation of bilateral cooperation."