Archers Brook School in Ellesmere Port have won the Cheshire Schools Collaborate Digital Hate Crime Media Challenge.

Over the last few months pupils across Cheshire have been studying the topic of bullying, tolerance and hate crime. They were then tasked with writing and producing podcasts and videos on the subject.

These creations were then uploaded to Collaborate Digital's website to be voted on by the public. The organisation say that it seeks to deepen pupils' knowledge and understanding of social issues through creativity, critical thinking and team work.

Archers Brook pupils created a video which drew high praise from Collaborate Digital's Mark Matthews.

Mr. Matthews said: "Congratulations to Archers Brook's school community for a fantastic victory in the public vote of the Cheshire Schools Media Challenge!

"The final score was 12,536 votes which is amazing – over 2,400 votes ahead of the nearest rival.

"As winners of the public vote the school will receive one of our gold disc trophies.

"This has been a phenomenal achievement and a brilliant way of spreading a powerful anti-hate message: we all matter."