THE University of Chester will be selling off its Padgate campus to make way for new homes.

This comes after the university announced plans last year to move to Warrington town centre - which means the Padgate site on Crab Lane will be left empty.

The refurbishment of the Time Square site has been completed and renovation is currently ‘well underway’ at the Sarah Parker Remond House site which is on Barbauld Street.

After close consultation with Warrington Borough Council and following advice from property consultants, the university has taken the decision to offer the Padgate site for sale as a residential development opportunity.

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In a letter seen by the Warrington Guardian, professor Eunice Simmons, vice chancellor and principal, said: “We will be seeking to appoint a developer to fulfil key University objectives, including construction which meets high standards of environmental sustainability and delivers a positive long-term legacy.”

Warrington Wolves, whose training facilities are currently at Padgate, are expected to remain there until November 2023 and the university’s Police Apprenticeships will be taught from the on-site 'Tucker Building' until the end of the 2022/23 academic year.

Professor Simmons added: “Care will be taken to preserve campus history in discussions with alumni.”

The memo confirmed it would go on the market next month.