TWO shallow pits are set to be transformed into mini fisheries for anglers of all abilities.

Mark Egerton, a level two licensed coach, is hoping to provide an accessible and approachable coaching facility which will help spark angling passions.

The fishery will lie amid the picturesque woodland of the Delamere estate, and an old icehouse will be used as a communal hub for his sessions in the case of unpleasant weather.

Mark said: “Fisherman’s luck is the quote – a wet bum and empty guts – that’s all you get much of the time, but here fishing will be simple and enjoyable.

“I’m trying to introduce people to angling at the first stage, in an easy and safe environment, where you’re not traipsing up a river and the winds won’t be howling around you.

“Lots of people don’t get the passion for angling because their first experience is a cold canal not catching anything.”

The timeframe for its completion is likely to be 16 months, but once finished the fishery will provide an area with easy access for children, the elderly, and the disabled.

Mark will also closely control the stocking levels of the ponds, so sessions will hopefully be full of catches.

He said: “It’s going to be an intimate and cozy lake where hopefully you’ll be able to back your car up to it and kids in wheelchairs and anybody who wants to fish can come on down.

“I’ll hopefully be able to control the sessions, so if there’s suddenly 30 mile an hour winds or a huge hailstorm, we can retire to the shed or light a stove and still have fun.”