A play area on a Flintshire housing estate could be replaced due to concerns over anti-social behaviour.

The multi-use games area (MUGA) was created in 2015 as part of the Bluestone Meadow development in Broughton.

However, residents on Whitley Drive have raised complaints over excessive noise from the park at all hours of the day.

People have also reported having their cars and houses damaged by stray balls from the playground, which has facilities for children to play basketball and football.

Developers Bellway Homes have now submitted plans to replace the play area with a cycle path for young people to use in a bid to resolve the issues.

In a letter to Flintshire Council, Carol Clarke, an agent acting on behalf of the housing company, said: “Over a number of years it has been brought to the attention of the applicant that residents’ private property in the immediate locality of the MUGA have been subjected to various aspects of damage.

“This includes to their parked vehicles and windows of their homes, resultant from balls being kicked out of the MUGA surrounds.

“In addition the type of use generates noise and disturbance for these residents, it is understood on some days from early in the morning until late at night.

“Consideration of this matter has been afforded by the applicant though consultation in recent years with residents in the locality and consultation with ward councillors and with officers of the planning department to establish what options are available and a way forward to seek to resolve the matter.”

She added: “Officers have advised, in retrospect the MUGA’s location in such close proximity to homes was not the most appropriate location, for these reasons.

“This pre-application engagement, whilst not conclusive has established an appropriate alternative is to seek an alternative children’s play space use and a cycle path.”

Ms Clarke said signs would be put up to prevent people from playing ball games close to residents' houses.

A smaller games area located next to the playground will remain in place and new seating will be created.

Comments are being invited on the application via the local authority's website and a decision is expected to be made at a later date.