The co-owner of Blackstocks fish and chip shop has expressed his pride at the reaction from many locals after the shop's closure was announced.

Yesterday, we reported that the restaurant on Northgate Street would be closing it's doors for good. Gareth Gordon, 51, said that people had been phenomenally supportive of the business' decision and had wished him and his co-owner, wife Kelly, the best for the future.

Mr Gordon said: "My phone has been ringing off the hook since [the news] broke yesterday. People calling, people knocking on the door, old members of staff coming to the front [off the shop], customers. It's nice to see their faces."

Reflecting on past 10 years, Mr Gordon said: "I'd always believed that fish and chips done well would have a market. It's a national dish.

"From day one we've only ever used fresh fish. Brought in daily, fully sustainable. We've never compromised on standards throughout the 10 years we've been here. We've dealt directly with farms, used the best oils, the best equipment and trained people in the best way that we can."

Mr Gordon's son, Benjamin, had just started to eat solid foods when the restaurant first opened, which reinforced the couple's desire to ensure quality produce was used.

"We never wanted to serve anything to anybody or their children, that we wouldn't serve to our own son."

He insists that despite the difficulty of Covid, the closure is not a "doom and gloom" story.

"We've been phenomenally successful. The irony of it all is that Christmas 2019 was our best year and we were still growing."

The various lockdowns, online deliveries and caution around reopening restaurants had meant that the city centre had become much quieter and whilst Blackstocks remained profitable throughout, the decision was taken that now was the time to close.

"We're very pleased with what we've done and with the decision that we've made. Hospitality is a seven days a week, twenty four hours a day business. Even when you're closed you're still thinking about it, you're still working on it, it's challenging but also very rewarding."

Mr Gordon explained that the store holds many memories, with his son Benjamin having watched Mr Gordon and his late father work together to fit the original shop. Notable visitors have also included Anthony Hamilton, father of F1 driver Lewis, Ainsley Harriott and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Mr Gordon now hopes to take some time to spend with his wife and family.