TV viewers have been full of praise for hard-hitting ITV drama Anne, telling the story of Hillsborough campaigner Anne Williams.

The four-part series focuses on the life of Anne Williams, who fought for justice for the victims unlawfully killed in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster, including her 15-year-old son Kevin.

During the FA Cup football match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest on April 15 that year, played at Sheffield's Hillsborough ground, fans were crushed to death in the worst footballing incident in UK history.

An inquest in 2016 finally concluded that 96 victims were unlawfully killed, while last year Andrew Devine, who died more than 32 years after suffering serious injuries in the incident, was formally named as the 97th victim of Hillsborough.

Anne Williams, who for many years lived in Newtown, Chester, campaigned for more than two decades for justice after the coroner at the original inquest gave a verdict of accidental death.

Anne found witnesses, launched numerous legal challenges and obtained top medical evidence to back her crusade.

In 2012, then-Prime Minister David Cameron apologised to the families of the Hillsborough victims, following the report by the Hillsborough independent panel that there was a failure of authorities to protect people and an attempt to blame fans.

Tragically, Anne died in 2013 before the new inquests were held.

The ITV drama, which was broadcast over the past four days, has received widespread praise, in particular for actress Maxine Peake, who plays the role of campaigner Anne Williams.

Maxine said of Anne: "What an amazing woman Anne was. [It's important] that we never forget Hillsborough because unfortunately this kind of situation isn't a thing of the past."

Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne said of the programme: "ITV's #Anne was a masterpiece, inspiring rage at the injustice of Hillsborough and the establishment cover-up.

"Its power lies in the simple truth of a mother’s love for her son & its legacy will hopefully be a remodelling of public perception about the disaster. #JFT97"

Leader of Manchester City Council Bev Craig said: "Just finished watching #Anne - an emotional and gut wrenching portrayal of a determined fight for dignity and justice.

"Superbly scripted and acted - I’m sure I’m not alone in being moved to tears. But in real life the fight for justice goes on. #JFT97 #Hillsborough"

And Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham – who featured on the drama, in a role played by Mathew McNulty, as the then-MP whose 2009 Anfield speech was overwhelmed by crowds shouting Justice for the 96 – has now called for a Hillsborough Law to prevent such injustices happening again.

Writer Kevin Sampson, creator of the ITV drama, said Maxine Peake "gave the performance of a lifetime" when playing the role of Anne Williams.

He added that he had met the real Anne for the book Hillsborough Voices, calling her "tenacious, passionate and indefatigable in her desire to understand what happened to her little boy and to do something about it."

Among the 97 Liverpool FC fans who lost their lives in the disaster were three from Ellesmere Port: 19-year-old James Delaney, Christopher Edwards, 29, of Great Sutton, and James Hennessy, 29.

Two teenage fans were also from the Chester area: Jonathon Owens, 18, of Chester, and Dodleston schoolboy Henry Rogers, 17.

The whole series of Anne can be watched on the ITV hub now.