With the festive period over, you might feel like you're body needs a break from certain things, like leftover turkey and cheese. 

For many it can be alcohol they need a break from, as the festivities see weekly Christmas parties, meeting up with friends, and a reason to relax and drink up. 

Dry January is a scheme that helps people stick to the break, with the task of not drinking any alcohol throughout the first month of the new year. 

The task is supported by Alcohol Change UK, which raises awareness and gives free support for alcoholism. 

Chester and District Standard: Dry January helps take a break from alcohol. (Canva)Dry January helps take a break from alcohol. (Canva)

The charity describes the month as a time not for giving up but instead getting something back. 

Research also shows that 86% of people save money in January alone when they stop for the month and 70% have a better night's sleep. 

How to get Dry this January:

For some, it's as easy as putting it in the cupboard and waiting until February rolls along, but for most, we find it hard not to have a little drink. 

But do not worry, as there are some great tips and tricks available to help you take part in Dry January. 

Such as the Try Dry app from Alcohol Changer UK, which tracks the units, calories and money saved when you cut down or cut out alcohol.

Others suggest doing it with a friend so that you are not alone and have someone that understands the challenge at hand. 

You might be the only one in your close group taking part in the month and could struggle with seeing others enjoy a drink but maybe think about finding a substitute drink like water or mocktails. 

If you meet up with friends and it typically involves drinking, try finding new things to do together whether that be walking, shopping, or just swapping the pub for a cafe. 

Alcoholic Free Drink Options 

If you still want the taste of your favourite drink but without the units, there are tons of great options to choose from. 

Tesco has some options to take a look at, including Gordons Alcohol-Free Spirit, rum alternative Stryyk Not R*M Distilled Non-Alch and Tanqueray Alcohol-Free 0% Spirit.

Morrisons also has some great alcohol-free alternatives, like Belle And Co 0% Sparkling RoseMcGuigan Zero Shiraz, and Lindemans Alcohol-Free Semillon Chardonnay.