A NEW independent jewellery brand which focuses on ethical sourcing and production has been set up by a mother and daughter in Chester.

Dreamt up during the first lockdown, Amphi Collection is a conscious jewellery brand created for those who want to make a difference in the world.

Founded by mother-daughter duo Joanne Kapur and Emily Dunlop in Chester, the brand is the realisation of a dream to find a gap in the jewellery market that centres around responsible sourcing and ethical production, which is in direct contrast to the industry at large.

The brand’s inception began as the world went into lockdown, when Amphi co-founder Emily decided to use the time to research and find a supply chain that could adhere to strict guidelines on how materials are sourced, the ethical standards of the materials themselves, ensuring diversity across the supply chain as well as making sure staff were paid the real living wage and not just the minimum.

After a long and challenging search, Amphi is proud to say it's able to validate its standards with ethical assurances in place throughout the supply chain with companies such as Sedex, Amfori, Fairmined and the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Committed to longevity and reducing waste, the brand works on a small scale using recycled sterling silver and 18 carat Fairmined gold certifying gold is traceable to empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organisations.

The Fairmined standard is world leading in its ability to deliver positive impact to the miners and their communities and is an assurance that no child labour, human harm or environmental damage has been caused in mining for gold.

Creatively, Amphi is inspired by nature and the female form which has led to a collision of inspiration; the natural world and the lessons learned from wise, witty and wonderful women.

These themes continue to form the basis on which design inspirations emerge, like the ocean which is a driving force behind the label’s social and environmental values.

The debut four-piece collection – Edit 01 Lessons from Lockdown - is inspired by the lessons learned in lockdown that are harmonious with the lessons taught by the ocean.

Lessons include those in strength, gratitude, connection and resilience, with the jewellery available in both recycled sterling silver or recycled sterling silver under a 2.5 micron layer of Fairmined gold.

Commenting on the launch, Emily said: “Our mission with Amphi is to be the change we want to see in the jewellery industry. To shape a kind, balanced and transparent industry that gives back what it takes and more.

"In the process, we hope to remind everyone that growth happens in every situation - the good and the bad - as lows become lessons and lessons shouldn’t be forgotten."

Recently, Amphi has joined forces with Earthly to plant two Mangrove trees in Madagascar with every order. About 75 per cent of species found in Madagascar are not found anywhere else in the world, making it even more important to protect what is left and help to reforest areas that have been destroyed.

Amphi also works with Earthly to off-set (displace) the carbon produced as individuals within the team as a direct response to known carbon dioxide emissions, making them a climate positive team.

The brand has ambitious plans as it grows, including joining '1% for the planet' in January 2022, meaning it will donate one per cent of its gross sales to support environmental non-profits, as well as starting the process of becoming carbon neutral.

Edit 01 is currently available for pre-orders will the official launch happening late November. All pre-orders will be sent two to four days after launching.

This Saturday (November 27), Amphi will be celebrating its debut drop at the first ever HURR Concept Store on King's Road, London, with Amphi items on sale there until December 24.