Martin Lewis has shared advice on the ways people can borrow at a 0% rate or for virtually no cost at all.

The MoneySavingExpert founder has told consumers that borrowing is "dirt cheap" right now with many favourable loan rates.

However, with a UK interest rate rise on the horizon he revealed the safest ways to do so.

Lewis reiterated to not borrow unless you needed to, making sure it was a "planned purchase" with budgeted and affordable repayments.

How to borrow money at a 0 per cent rate?

The Martin Lewis Money Show host gave away a number of tricks in his weekly newsletter.

Getting a 0% credit card with 22 months interest-free and £25 cashback was one of them.

This is "best used for borrowing £100 to, at a stretch, £5,000" which done right can offer super-cheap borrowing for up to nearly two years at no cost whatsoever.

Currently M&S offer that deal, with Tesco Bank offering a slightly longer 23 months.

A 0% money transfer credit card loan is also an option along with a one-off fee.

The MBNA up to 18 months 0% (minus 2.99% fee) is by far the lowest-fee long 0% money transfer deal among those.

Buy now, pay Later (BNPL) schemes were also included, with the caveat that people often got these when they didn't need them.

Additionally, overdrafts were mentioned, with there being two bank accounts that pay switchers £100+ and offer 0% overdrafts.

These are First Direct and Nationwide.