SIX children from Chester star in three new audio dramas telling thrilling stories of aliens, clones and killer sharks.

The short plays – Minibeasts, Imagination Games and A Copy of Me – feature graduates of Upton Heath C of E Primary School and are currently streaming on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Podcasts.

They will also be making their live debut on Sunday, November 14 at 1pm during an exciting ‘Cinema in the Dark’ event at the Chester Literature Festival.

The Storyhouse theatre will remove all distractions by playing the dramas in their cinema – in the pitch dark.

The event will feature a live Q+A with the three creatives behind the project.

They are Cheshire writer and director Simon James, whose scripts have previously been performed by actors such as Jude Law, Joe Thomas and Nina Wadia OBE, producer and editor James Mills, originally from Chester who currently works for Chalkboard TV in London, and Hannah Williams, head of English at Upton Heath Primary School.

Hannah taught the stars of these plays before they moved up to high school, and also created the series’ cover artwork.

Minibeasts is a story of ‘class’ in the classroom, following three school friends whose teacher has just labelled them ‘Butterfly’, ‘Moth’ and ‘Worm’.

It stars Eden-May Woolford, Ben Nelson and Eira Ainsworth.

Imagination Games follows two friends, Molly and Sam, who are exploring the secrets of the universe, all within the children’s home in which they live.

But will their games come to an end if they have to leave? It stars Eleanor Melia and Harry Assinder.

A Copy of Me is about twin sisters, one of whom is killed in a tragic accident.

The remaining twin Eve is expecting to be reunited with her sister thanks to the miracles of cloning, but things do not go according to plan. Ksenia Mangan stars in this audio play.