A POPULAR eating spot in Cheshire West has been completely transformed and promises to revolutionise the public's perception of Indian cuisine.

When Kanya relocated from its High Street home last month, owner Nagendra Kumar Prasad, moved full steam ahead with plans to open a Northwich branch of his fine dining restaurant K2H.

Chester and District Standard:

Inside the new K2H Creative Indian Kitchen in Northwich

The Sandbach version has already established itself as one of the very best Indian restaurants in the whole of Cheshire, with Nagendra excited to unleash exciting flavours on the town's residents.

He said: "Once you will try our food you will never think about Indian cuisine the same way as before.

"The idea is that it is a completely different level of Indian food to what people are used to.

"You might only expect this type of food in places like London or Manchester.

"We have top class chefs and the food they produce is going to be like nothing before seen in Northwich."

Chester and District Standard: K2H Northwich will serve find dining Indian cuisine

K2H Northwich will serve find dining Indian cuisine

Along with business partner Monica, Nagendra said there would still be some classic Indian dishes on the menu, because people aren't always ready to dive into a new style of cooking.

"There has to be some classical dishes," he said.

"The reason for that is because the food we want to do is outside of people's imagination.

"When we opened the first restaurant in Sandbach in 2016, people initially rejected it, saying it wasn't Indian, because it was too different.

"But the reality is, a dish like Chicken Tikka Massala was invented in Scotland, it's not Indian.

"I've worked my entire life in fine dining restaurants and I wanted to combine that with a taste of real Indian food."

Chester and District Standard: Nagendra and his team at the new K2H restaurant in Northwich

Nagendra and his team at the new K2H restaurant in Northwich

The surroundings are also new, with the restaurant undergoing a complete refurbishment, bringing an air of sophistication to compliment the fine dining style.

He added: "I want people to sit in a pleasant environment.

"Whatever you do, you've got to put you heart and soul into it.

"This is a passion and I honestly love what I do.

"I can't wait to tantalise peoples taste buds, with exotic Indian flavours, using home ground spices the very best of ingredients."