A CHESTER woman who created various fake social media profiles of her ex-Tinder partner in a bid to ‘destroy his life’ has been jailed.

Former Cambridge University student Cheyenne Kennmuir, also known as Cheyenne Callaina, created these profiles last year pretending to be the victim and anonymously reported him to his university for sending racist, white supremacist and misogynistic messages – which were forged by her.

The fake posts also said he could be a terrorist and had gun power.

The victim ended up being indefinitely suspended from university at the time because of these anonymous reports and was arrested at home in front of his family.

Kennmuir, 23, appeared before Warrington Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, October 26, after being convicted of harassment after trial.

She was handed a 26-week prison sentence – the maximum possible sentence for her crime.

Prosecuting, Simon Leong told the court how the pair met on Tinder, an online dating app, but mutually called things off after meeting around four times.

During this time, the victim had started to be abused by an anonymous Snapchat account under the name of ‘JesusJesus’.

After the pair ‘amicably’ called things off, the director of student administration at the victim’s university received emails by someone called ‘Sienna Richards’ who claimed to be a student.

The court heard how she claimed to be reporting the victim on behalf of a history society he was involved with.

The emails contained screenshots of messages supposedly sent by the victim which displayed his name and profile picture, later found to be forged by Kennmuir, which were ‘hostile’ comments towards the George Floyd and Black Lives Matter movement.

Further anonymous emails were sent by ‘Sienna Richards’ – one claimed the victim had joked about raping girls and suggested he had sexually assaulted an unknown female.

Mr Leong stated how another anonymous email was sent to the director of student administration which was a screenshot, again allegedly of what the victim was saying, which claimed he could be a terrorist, had gun power, and referenced a fire arm.

There were also screenshots of racist and sexist comments which he allegedly made about women being raped.

Various social media accounts were made under the victim’s name – one was called ‘the real Hitler’.

The victim was later arrested in his family home where he denied all knowledge and claimed someone was framing him.

Searches were made on his university data base which showed no matches were made for a student called Sienna Richards – who had been making the reports against him.

The victim also made reference to the ‘JesusJesus’ Snapchat account which he believed Kennmuir could be responsible for.

Officers conducted enquiries after interviewing Kennmuir, of Cross Street, Chester, but attempts were unsuccessful.

However, they were able to link an email address made under the victim’s name to Kennmuir’s home address.

When questioned, she claimed the victim had been to her house and used her Wi-Fi.

Kennmuir was convicted of harassment after trial.

Mr Leong said: “It was a campaign – a cruel and vicious attempt to destroy the life and reputation of the victim.”

He also read out a statement by the victim who claimed the offence has had a ‘great psychological’ impact on him and brought a lot of ‘worry’, ‘fear’ and a ‘great deal of stress’.

The court heard how Kennmuir has previous convictions, including malicious communication and perverting the course of justice.

Defending, Richard Thomas told the court that Kennmuir is an ‘isolated’ figure, and that she has ‘no support’ from anybody.

He said: “Her background is one of very difficult times.”

Mr Thomas explained how Kennmuir spent some time in foster care and then attended Cambridge University – showing she is ‘someone who can come through difficulties’.

Concluding, district judge Nicholas Sanders said: “This falls at the very top of the range of sentences available.

“Your actions were calculated to cause maximum distress to the victim and were truly vindictive – seeking to take action and to cause maximum distress to an innocent man.

“Significantly I do note you continue to deny responsibility for this offence and that is a relevant factor.

“It is right you present a real danger to members of the public – especially males.

“Indeed the offence itself is so serious that appropriate punishment can only be achieved through immediate imprisonment.”

Kennmuir was handed a 26-week prison sentence, made subject to a criminal behaviour order and a restraining order.

She will also have to pay the victim compensation of £1,000.