THE new Airbus Beluga XL is due to arrive at Broughton for the first time today.

The BelugaXL 4 is expected to land at Hawarden Airport this morning (Thursday, October 14).

An Airbus spokesman said on Twitter that people should keep their eyes to the sky as they planned to welcome the aircraft to Hawarden Airport for the first time.

The giant aircraft is expected to arrive at 10.55am, but that is subject to change.

Yesterday, they tweeted: "Keep your [eyes] on the skies tomorrow as we look ward to welcoming #BelugaXL LJ (#4) to Hawarden Airport for the first time.

"ETA is currently 10.55am local but always STC."

It is expected to use runway 22, but again that could change.

The fourth BelugaXL took off to the skies for the first time and performed its maiden test flight in Toulouse in July.

Airbus is progressively introducing a fleet of six BelugaXLs, operated by ATI, contributing to the transformation of the industrial system and the ability to increase production in the future.