AN independent opticians, which has been serving Ellesmere Port since the 1970s, has invested in its services to offer patients the very latest in eyecare technology.

Orrell Opticians, on Whitby Road, is the first practice in the area to launch the Optomap, a revolutionary imaging system which helps to spot early signs of eye disease before traditional methods of imaging can.

Potential eye health issues can be present in the periphery of the retina and can remain undetected for long time periods, but Optomap’s ultra-wide digital retinal imaging captures up to 82 per cent of the back of the eye, in comparison to a standard retinal photo of 15 per cent, making it a leading technology in retinal imaging.

Patients can take advantage of the new technology in addition to their routine eye examination with their optometrist.

Optometrist and clinical director, Ashley Jardine, said: “We felt this was the perfect opportunity to invest in the very best technology for our patients, to give them an even more thorough eyecare service.

“We are really proud to offer our patients Optomap, a unique imaging system which can capture ultra-widefield red/green and autofluorescence images.

"The device enables us to spot early changes which helps us to protect you and your eyesight, so it’s something that elevates our eye test offering to our patients.

“In the context of the situation that we now find ourselves in with the Covid-19 protocols, the Optomap really comes into its own.

"The fact it is able to give you a view of the whole back of the eye without getting too close to the patient is really helpful. Whilst we have procedures in place in practice to protect both staff and patients, we still want to limit close contact with patients as much as possible.

“We already offer an array of specialised services such as our Dry Eye Clinic, Colorimetry and Enhanced Contact Lens Fittings. The Optomap adds to these services so we can continue to offer our patients the best available options when it comes to looking after their vision.”