MEMBERS of the Chester FC supporting Senior Blues group will meet at a new time from this Friday – and are inviting more fans to come on board.

The group, which gets together on the first Friday of each month during the season, is holding its latest meeting on August 6 in the Blues Bar at the Deva Stadium from the new time of 10.30am.

Membership costs just £10 a year and as well as gaining new friends through a shared love of the Blues, fans are also treated to visits from former players and arrange regular day trips.

Since forming in 2013, the Senior Blues has visited local Premier League grounds, nearby events such as flower shows and even visited the Somme Battlefields.

All money raised by the group goes straight to the football club with the youth academy having benefited from around £20,000 in funding to date.

Member Les Smith said: "The Senior Blues are, as the saying goes, exactly what it says on the tin – getting on a bit, or a lot in some cases, and true blue Chester supporters.

"The group was formed in 2013, largely through the efforts of the recently deceased and much missed Peter Mitchell, and the chairman Chris Courtenay Williams.

"The Senior Blues meet on the first Friday morning of the month in the Blues Bar, August to May. Meetings are well attended with generally 50-70 members present.

"We feature updates from Board members and managers and are visited by former players and guests from the wider sporting world.

"In addition we have also welcomed Casualty star Amanda Mealing and speakers covering topics as diverse as diving for gold off the coast of Anglesey, sniffer dog training (and their dogs), and local sites of historic interest.

"We have regular day trips that have included tours of local Premier League grounds, the Village Bakery, the Western Approaches, the Rhydymwyn Tunnels, and the Imperial War and Football Museums in Manchester.

"We have also visited the Llangollen Railway and flower shows at Tatton, Southport and Shrewsbury. The highlight was when a party of members visited the Somme Battlefields.

"Meetings start at the new time of 10.30am and last between one and a half and two hours. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served and there is always a raffle and merchandise for sale.

"All the money raised is for the benefit of Chester FC, with the principal focus being the youth academy which has received approximately £20,000 to date."