A SEXUAL wellbeing company has revealed which towns are the 'sexiest places' in Cheshire West

Lovehoney says Chester residents have spent more on their sexual pleasure in the last year than anywhere else in the county ranking it 304th out of 1,551 UK towns and cities.

They are closely followed by residents of Ellesmere Port which is ranked 327th.

Next, punching above its weight, is Malpas at 424th in the rankings.

Next is Frodsham at 989th.

Bringing up the rear is Tarporley at 1,032nd.

Sexual wellness brand Lovehoney has ranked several locations in Cheshire West to discover where sexual activity is highest in their interactive 2021 UK Sex Map.

A Lovehoney spokesperson said: “We have seen a surge in activity in Cheshire as singles and couples look to escape the pressures of the pandemic by experimenting more sexually.

“All our research shows that couples with great sex lives enjoy higher overall levels of happiness.”

The figures are based on Lovehoney’s extensive data on the UK’s sexual behaviour.

Lovehoney, the UK’s biggest sex toy retailer, is booming with sales of more than £100 million annually.

In April, the Bath-based firm received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for boosting UK exports.

Look up where your town ranks in UK 2021 Sex Map here - https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/newSexMap.html