Teenage twins are set to make their screen acting debut in a war-time drama set in Liverpool, writes Hannah Rees.

Grace and Ava Whitley, 13, from West Kirby are cast as Sylvia and Nancy Bradford in the upcoming film, Enemy of the Heart.

Inspired by true events, the drama follows an Anglo Italian family living in Liverpool when war begins on September 3, 1939. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when Italy join the war against Britain, the country they’ve come to call home.

Grace said: "I really enjoyed working on Enemy of the Heart, especially with Ava. It was exciting to see it all come together having only imagined how it would be from the script.

Chester and District Standard: Friend of the pair, Daisy Moffat, is cast as Robyn BlakelyFriend of the pair, Daisy Moffat, is cast as Robyn Blakely

“The location was stunning, and we can't wait to watch it all on the big screen. We're beyond excited."

Grace, who has autism, said that performing with the cast and crew and taking on the role has improved her social skills.The pair even had the chance to work with friend Daisy Moffat, who plays Robyn Blakely and siblings, Ava, Amelie and Olivia Cottam as Heather, Violet and Martha Collins.

Brother and sister, Eva and Sam Lloyd, joined the cast as Bonnie and Jimmy Cooper and were also joined by the children’s parents who have supporting roles in the evacuation scenes.

Mum, Louise said: "The girls loved being on set and for Grace especially, working with the team and playing a character, developed her understanding of people, an area she has always had difficulty with."

Enemy of the Heart is due to launch in September 2021.