CHESHIRE residents are being warned not to be complacent this Freedom Day and allow coronavirus to spread further.

Today, Monday, sees legal social contact restrictions removed across England, including social distancing and mask wearing.

However, this easing of restrictions should not lead the people of Cheshire to become carefree as we begin to live with coronavirus.

That is the warning from John Dwyer, police and crime commissioner for Cheshire.

He said: “We have all been looking forward to the day that restrictions would be eased.

Chester and District Standard: Cheshire police and crime commissioner John Dwyer and deputy David McNeilageCheshire police and crime commissioner John Dwyer and deputy David McNeilage

“The numerous lockdowns have had detrimental effects both economically and personally, and people are looking forward to getting back to some sense of normality.

“However, we all need to err on the side of caution as the vaccination roll-out continues and the link between infections, hospital admissions and sadly death is broken.

“The people of Cheshire have acted admirably throughout the lockdowns.

“The sense of community spirit has been amazing to see, and I hope the bonds that have been formed are not broken as time progresses and more and more people return to the life they used to know.

“As ever, if we all work together and use our common sense, we can keep ourselves and each other safe, ensuring that there would be no need for any further lockdowns.”