FIREFIGHTERS were called out this morning (May 12) following a "small explosion" at an industrial premises in Ellesmere Port.

Four engines – one from the town, one from Powey Lane and two from Chester – attended the Veolia site on Bridges Road shortly after 8am.

The explosion had occurred in an incinerator.

The plant was evacuated and no one was injured.

Crews handed over the incident to on-site staff once they were satisfied that the premises was safe.

A Veolia spokesperson said: "We can confirm at 8.15am today emergency services attended an incident at our Ellesmere Port facility.

"There was a small explosion within the site, but no fire, while the facility was off-line due to maintenance.

"The site was evacuated safely and no one was injured.

"The fire brigade attended and after a short inspection handed the incident back to on-site staff.

“We are continuing to investigate this matter with our health and safety team to determine the accurate circumstances of this incident.”

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "Shortly after 8am firefighters received a report of black smoke at an industrial premises on Bridges Road in Ellesmere Port.

"There had been a small explosion in an incinerator caused by falling debris.

"The plant was shut down as firefighters assisted on-site staff in inspecting the inclinator and making sure that no-one was unaccounted for.

"All ignition sources were isolated and there were no signs of fire.

"Once they were satisfied that the site was safe firefighters handed the incident over to the on-site staff.

"They were in attendance for around 45 minutes."