TRADERS in Ellesmere Port Market have been sharing their tales of how they have had to adapt to Covid restrictions.

As businesses have been able to reopen across the borough, a social media campaign has been launched to encourage people to support their favourite shops.

Traders are being invited to share short videos about how they had to adapt during the restrictions.

Margo, from the Big Apple in Ellesmere Port Market – which has been trading for 19 years – explained how during the Covid lockdowns, a new delivery service was set up for customers.

She said: “People have been frightened to came out, but we’ve been doing home deliveries.”

Even a solution for making payments was found, as customers left money in a bag to maintain social distancing: “The market is very important for the local community, it’s a place where people will meet when the cafes are open and have a laugh.

"People love coming here, to tell you the truth, if they don’t go out smiling then I haven’t done my job properly have I?”

Also, in Ellesmere Port Market, Humpty Dumpty’s, who sell cooked meats, bacon, sausages and eggs, had to cut back their opening hours during the times that less people were visiting the market.

Michael Moulsdale, owner of Humpty Dumptys in Ellesmere Port Market.

Michael Moulsdale, owner of Humpty Dumpty's in Ellesmere Port Market.

Owner Michael Moulsdale said: “We’ve been here for about 14 years now. The Covid situation has affected us in a big way, a lot of our customers aren’t able to come. We wear masks and use sanitisers ourselves; we’ve adopted as many of the guidelines we can to stay safe.”

Four traders stayed open throughout the lockdown period N&N Meats, Humpty Dumpty’s, Big Apple and Cristina's bakery.

Humpty Dumptys in Ellesmere Port Market.

Humpty Dumpty's in Ellesmere Port Market.

Now that restrictions have changed allowing non-essential businesses to reopen, the market is back with 42 traders.

Councillor Richard Beacham, Cabinet Member for Inclusive Growth, Economy & Regeneration said: “Funding from the European Regeneration Development Fund has helped us with a number of activities to make the high streets safer and more welcoming.

"Starting the second phase of the government roadmap, we’ve distributed face masks to shops, helped share safety massages with an Ad-van and we’re also sharing videos from some of our small businesses.

“We’ve worked closely with each area, that all have slightly different priorities which is why shoppers to some of our rural locations will find brightly coloured umbrellas at shops where there isn’t enough cover from the rain. There is far more to come over the next few months with further help to encourage alfresco dining and an events programme to further animate the area.

“It’s great news that Ellesmere Port Market can now fully reopen, we know it’s been missed as visitor numbers jumped from just under 1,000 in the first week of March to over 20,000 once they could fully reopen.”

Footfall at Ellesmere Port Market is roughly the same with the visitors numbers seen from July-October 2020, but is still about 30 per cent down on pre-Covid footfall, mainly due to current Covid restrictions.