A PROGRAMME to help young people in Chester who can't live at home is celebrating a major milestone.

The Bridge Foyer is marking 10 years of Advantaged Thinking, its philosophy that empowers young people to thrive, not just survive.

A decade ago, Colin Falconer, then director of innovation at the Foyer Federation, now director of InspireChilli, introduced Advantaged Thinking to the world on the TEDx stage.

It has since been central to all the Foyer Federation does, including developing the first quality assurance accreditation for supported housing, national programmes for health and employability, and building young people’s leadership skills.

Chester’s Bridge Foyer has 31 self-contained flats which offer supported housing for young people - who for many different reasons are unable to be at home.

With the support of staff and the Advantaged Thinking approach, they are supported in moving forward, to thrive and find their independence.

Andy Ward, young people services operations manager at Your Housing Group, said: “Using Advantaged Thinking in the delivery of our Foyer Services in Your Housing Group really encapsulates the Foyer model and the way we want to work with, and support young people.

"At our Foyers young people are given the opportunity to excel through the Advantaged Thinking approach, enabling them to thrive - and not just survive.

To celebrate a Zoom event will include examples of Advantaged Thinking from young people and staff in the UK, Holland, Ireland and Australia.

A brand-new Advantaged Thinking T-shirt design, created by young graphic designer Ranae Kaira (ByRKART @ranaekaira www.byrkart.com), who is part of InspireChilli’s Team Young People.