RESIDENTS have been warned that it is illegal to drink alcohol in public spaces in Chester ahead of the long Bank Holiday weekend.

Covid marshalls are set to be on hand tonight (Saturday, May 1) mainly to help businesses.

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is in place across the borough that prohibits drinking alcohol in areas that aren’t licensed, including streets, parks, and the Chester amphitheatre.

Officers with Cheshire West and Chester Council are also reminding everyone that booking is needed for most pubs and restaurants and remember hands, face and space.

Maria Byrne, director environment and communities, said: “Our city centre and town centres are recovering from a devastating year and it’s been so good to see them re-animated again over the past few weeks.

“We have had a PSPO in place for many years to ensure everyone can enjoy our open spaces safely. Please remember it’s illegal to drink alcohol in public spaces in Chester city centre and across the borough unless it’s a licensed area.

“Our parks, Chester’s amphitheatre and other open spaces are used by people of all ages, to keep them a safe and inviting area, alcohol isn’t permitted, please note for safety reasons BBQs aren’t allowed in our parks and please make sure your litter is either put in a bin or taken home.”

She added: “The role of the Covid marshals will be to support businesses, transport providers and the public offering advice on social distancing, face coverings and basic Covid procedures.”