A LUXURY hotel near Chester will be offering leadership training programmes delivered by world class coaches including an Olympic medal winning gymnast and a former Royal Marine when it reopens next month.

Carden Park Hotel has announced that it is partnering with Star Development UK to launch its new high performance leadership training facility.

The courses will be available from May 17 when the hotel is set to reopen again as part of the Government road map for the relaxing of Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Working with organisations, teams and individuals, the new programme will enhance leadership performance and communication, with a star line up of world-class trainers, coaches and mentors.

Trainers for each programme are selected from some of the best in their fields from sports, business and military backgrounds.

These include founder of Star Development UK Stuart Waddington, Lancaster University Management School teacher Peter Anstiss, leadership expert Tom Phillips, head performance coach Ric Moylan, ex-royal marine Phil Quirk, and Olympic gymnast Dan Purvis who won bronze at London 2012.

Carden Park Hotel said: "In a time where working from home has meant teams have been communicating consistently through a screen, optimising time together in a purposeful way has never been more important.

"Carden Park Hotel will help teams reconnect and rediscover ways to work together creatively and collaboratively, bringing significant benefits to their business and a lasting return on their investment.

"Each training programme is a truly bespoke experience that is designed to take teams out of their comfort zones and ultimately add value to their workplace.

"With a blended learning experience of both classroom workshops and physical outdoor activities, each programme allows teams to ‘slow down and do more’.

"Small groups permit one to one coaching by world class trainers and the activities will make teams think, reflect, review and transfer their learning into their own workplace to create lasting behavioural change."

Founder of Star Development UK, Stuart Waddington, added: "We’re delighted to be offering our training and development services in such a unique location as Carden Park Hotel.

"The extensive facilities allow us to take our attendees outside of their comfort zone and really connect with the programme and each other.

"We will provide a bespoke service that will help each individual and team exceed their full potential."

Nestled in the Cheshire countryside, Carden Park Hotel's 1,000 acres of grounds include the exceptional Spa at Carden, adventure course Vertigo at Carden, and two championship golf courses.