A MAN has been jailed for his part in a drunken fracas outside Chester railway station.

Alex Jones, of Llywyn Estyn in Deganwy, was in breach of a suspended sentence when he admitted obstructing a police officer in the course of his duty at the station’s entrance on March 27.

The 19-year-old had travelled to Chester from Rhyl with two other males after all three had been spotted by several witnesses acting in a loud, drunken and aggressive manner in the Welsh town’s train station.

Jones, along with Ben Hughes, 26, and 34-year-old Darren Philip Bennett, had been overheard shouting about going ‘on the session’ to Wrexham. They had also been shouting at girls, asking how old they were and if they ‘wanted any fags’.

Jones was appearing alongside Hughes at Chester Magistrates on Tuesday, April 20, where both pleaded guilty to all charges. Hughes admitted being drunk and disorderly outside the station and to a public order offence after threatening and abusive behaviour while in Rhyl.

Alan Currums, prosecuting, told the bench how the unruly behaviour began in the middle of the afternoon in Rhyl when several witnesses saw the men, who were all drunk and shouting abuse at other train passengers.

He said: “They were overheard shouting ‘we need to get to Wrexham on the session lads’.

“There were families present and their behaviour was distressing.

“They were also shouting to young females, asking how old they were and if they wanted any fags.”

After arriving in Chester at about 4pm, the three found themselves outside the Town Crier pub, with all three denied travel on a bus due to their drunkenness.

Mr Currums went on: “It was then they approached the entrance of the station and were advised to move away as they would not be allowed on to the railway network either.

“They swore at officers at the scene and after they refused to move away from the entrance to the station, both Hughes and Bennett were arrested.

“Jones continued to pace around the area outside the station, clenching his fists and despite warnings for him to get back, swung his right hand, but was swiftly taken to the floor.”

Scott Phillips, defending Jones, said his client, an electrician, was sorry for the stupid incident and that it ‘shouldn’t have happened’.

He said: “He was the last of the three to be arrested and knows he should have just walked away.”

He went on to explain how Jones had been handed a 12 month suspended sentence on June 30 last year when he assaulted an emergency work and was found in possession of a bladed article.

Mr Phillips added: “He made a mistake but this charge is much less serious than the ones he was given a suspended sentence for last year.

“He had completed nine months of that suspended sentence and had fully complied with the probation service.”

Probation confirmed Jones had demonstrated ‘excellent compliance’ in completing 150 hours on unpaid work in just three months, especially under the current Covid circumstances.

Although magistrates acknowledged Jones’ efforts in working with probation they decided to activate part of his suspended sentence, accepting that three quarters of it was now spent.

He will serve ten weeks in custody, with an additional two-week sentence for obstructing the police officer running concurrently.

He must also pay a surcharge of £128 and £85 court costs.

Hughes, of Princess Drive Conwy, was just one week short of completing his suspended sentence, which was for a completely unrelated offence.

Simon Sargent, defending him, said his client was ‘extremely embarrassed’ and genuinely remorseful for his actions.

Magistrates acknowledged he was in the 51st week of completing that suspended sentence and as this offence was unrelated, decided to fine him £180 for the breach.

He was also fined £120 for each of the two new charges, as well as having to pay costs of £85 and a £42 surcharge.

Bennett, the third of the group, did not appear in court as he had already been recalled to prison on another matter.