TWO more big cat sightings have been reported in Chester.

Separate witnesses claimed to have seen large creatures near the Countess of Chester Country Park in recent weeks.

Reporting the encounters to Puma Watch North Wales, with both witnesses describing a large, black animal with a very long tail.

Kali Hagensweep was out walking his dogs on the abandoned Old Oaks golf course near Mollington when he encountered what he believes may have been a puma.

The sighting took place as it was going dark at about 7.15pm on Tuesday, March 23.

Kali told Puma Watch: “In the light on the brow of the hill I could see a long, dark figure, my dog is a Doberman and that must have sensed something but it cowered. Wouldn’t move.

“As quick as I got my phone out it ran over the other side of the hill, I was close enough to see how long the tail was and can tell you now this was no dog!! I can’t quite believe it, never believed in this stuff but I know what I just definitely saw!”

Less than a week later, Stuart Evans was walking along the canal near the Mollington Banastre hotel and Parkgate Road.

This sighting, also reported to Puma Watch North Wales, was at 6.45pm on Monday, March 29.

Stuart said: “I looked over the fields on my left and saw a large black creature. I stopped to get a better look and the thing that got me was the size of it and the tail. It was a really long tail that I have never seen on any dog before, it also didn’t move like any dog.

“It kind of ‘slinked’ and you could see its shoulder blades moving. There was also a swish of its tail rather than a wag. There was an element of fear but more adrenaline.”

The two sightings come after two other encounters on the same night at nearby Blacon’s Gorse Hill, behind Sealand Road Asda.