THESE are the rules you need to follow in beer gardens and outdoor restaurants.

Hundreds of pubs and eateries in Cheshire and the rest of England reopened their outdoor areas for food and drink from Monday.

Many peope have frequented outdoor areas for food and drink in Chester and Ellesmere Port this week.

And, if the fine weather continues, hundreds are expected to do the same over the weekend.

Looking at the guidance, we've put together a list of the main things people thinking of visiting a beer garden need to know:

  • You'll need to be sat at a table

Like before, outdoor food and drink venues will require all customers to be seated at a table when consuming their order.

The guidance says that customers should be offered the opportunity to pay for their food and drink at the table, or at another outdoor location.

But it also says that businesses can take payment indoors, but as a last resort or if absolutely necessary.

  • Toilets inside premises can reopen

At outdoor venues, toilets inside buildings will be allowed to reopen to customers, although limited to just a handful of people at any time.

You'll also need to wear a face covering when entering beer gardens via indoor premises, paying indoors, and accessing toilets that are indoors.

  • You no longer need to buy a meal

Gone are the days where you will need to order a 'substantial meal' with alcoholic drinks as those rules will no longer apply.

Previously pubs were limited to serving customers alcoholic drink when they placed an order for a meal.

  • Carveries can reopen

It's good news for carvery fans as they are allowed to reopen their counters indoors.

The guidance says that venues that don't serve alcohol can allow customers to order and collect food and drink from a counter - but it must then be consumed while seated at an outdoor table.

  • The 10pm curfew has been scrapped

Guidance says that for outdoor food and drink venues, there will not be a curfew imposed on when they must open and close.

Previously pubs and restaurants had to close their doors, inside and out, by 10pm across England due to Covid restrictions.

  • Social distancing and mixing rules will still apply

Although this sounds obvious, social distancing and rules on household mixing will continue to apply from April 12.

It means up to six individuals from different households, or up to two households, will be allowed to meet outdoors at food and drink venues.

The rules continue to ban mixing of different households indoors as this is due to be reviewed and changed on May 17.