AN award-winning hair loss clinic has set up shop in the heart of Chester city centre.

The new Morgan's clinic opened up at Tudor House on Lower Bridge Street on Monday, April 12. While the business is no stranger to Chester – having had a wig store in Hoole for three years – the new base is significantly larger and offers a much wider range of services for people experiencing hair loss.

The business tailors its services to people who have alopecia, people who are undergoing cancer treatment, or simply people with thinning hair or baldness who wish to improve their self-confidence and mental health.

Rebecca Morgan-Brennan at the new Chester city centre Morgans hair loss clinic on Lower Bridge Street.

Rebecca Morgan-Brennan at the new Chester city centre Morgan's hair loss clinic on Lower Bridge Street.

Speaking to The Standard, owner Rebecca Morgan-Brennan, who has been a hair loss clinician for over 11 years, explained why the business made the move to the city centre.

She said: "As much as Hoole has been fantastic, the salon was very small and we weren't able to offer the services, and extend the offer of services to the hair loss side, rather than just wigs because we just didn't have the space.

"We wanted to move to the city centre as we thought it would be more accessible. Also, when people are coming to see us, quite often they are going through a difficult time – they might have started cancer treatment – so we like them to come and see us before they start their treatment.

"We want them to have a salon experience, so for them to come to the city centre and make a day of it, leaving with a wig, knowing that they're sorted and they can go out and show the world how they feel confident and go and do shopping."

Rebecca added she had been staying at The Townhouse a couple of years ago with her husband when she spotted Tudor House was on the market, and expressed an interest, but due to the coronavirus crisis the plans were put on the back-burner until February this year.

The new hair loss clinic opened its doors on Monday, April 12.

The new hair loss clinic opened its doors on Monday, April 12.

She said: "We loved this building, it has got so much history to it. It has been hard work to get the building as it looks now but we are really happy with how it is. It's a comfortable place for people to come, spacious enough, for people to socially distance, and for people to bring a member of their family or friend with them.

"We're not a hair salon as such, we do colouring and cuts but just for people who are having systems fitted or for people that really feel uncomfortable going into a salon because they've got thinning hair.

"We're by appointment only, so we can monitor how many people we have in at the same time. We also know that if somebody could be very upset, having been told of a cancer diagnosis, that they're going to lose their hair, then we can offer them that privacy."

The new Chester city centre base now offers a more complete wig service, as the Hoole shop did not have the space for hair to be washed, or for more than one customer to be in at a time.

The new hair loss clinic offers a range of hair products that can be individually tailored to each client.

The new hair loss clinic offers a range of hair products that can be individually tailored to each client.

Rebecca added: "Here, we can offer a hair integration service, a hair system service, and if it means we have to custom-colour people's hair, then we've got the facility here to be able to do that.

"We have got more space here to keep the products that we need, and people who just need small hair pieces, or for men, we have got the facility here for them."

The services provided are gratefully received, with Rebecca adding some customers have said their lives had been changed.

She said: "Although hair loss isn't life-threatening, mentally it affects you. Some people have not been able to go out, not just because of Covid, but because it's a windy day. Some have had new relationships because their confidence has grown. A lot of women going through the menopause suffer hair loss and hair thinning, so it gives people back their confidence."

The Chester Morgan's team comprises of qualified hairdressers, including salon manager Claire, Sylvia, Jodie and Clara from Ultrastrands – "an expert in fitting hair systems", and has been tailoring its services to customers as young as three and as old as 99.

The new hair loss clinic also offers a range of soft headwear, suitable for people with a scalp condition, and a range of hair loss and hair care products.

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