A NURSE who worked in Cheshire has been struck off the register for misconduct.

Manorama Kate, from the Wirral, was struck off following a hearing of the Nursing and Midwifery Council's Fitness to Practise Committee hearing on April 1.

The panel, chaired by Elizabeth Burnley, was to review the current three-month suspension order imposed on Mrs Kate, who had been a registered nurse since June 2003.

Mrs Kate was not in attendance for the hearing, and had not replied to emails informing her about the hearing; the panel proceeded in her absence.

The panel was making the eighth review of Mrs Kate's case, where since January 2017, Mrs Kate had been made subject to a series of temporary suspension orders and conditions of practice orders.

The current suspension order is due to end on May 7.

The first original charge was that as a registered nurse, on January 20, 2015, Mrs Kate failed to check Resident A's blood glucose levels upon noticing a deterioration in their condition at 10.15pm. She also incorrectly recorded on Resident A's MAR chart (Medical Administration Record) that she had administered Omeprazole, a medicine to reduce stomach acid.

In the second charge, Mrs Kate did not carry out and/or record any further clinical observations of Resident A and did not escalate Resident A for medical advice between 10.15pm and 7.30am the following morning.

Both charges were admitted by Mrs Kate.

At the previous hearing, the panel heard Mrs Kate's Personal Development Plan was "encouraging but it is not completed to the required level to ensure that you are safe to practise without restriction."

However, since then, no further information had been supplied, and the previous panel determined that Mrs Kate was liable to repeat matters of the kind found proved, and had imposed the suspension order "at least until Mrs Kate is given a further, perhaps final, opportunity to engage with the NMC, explain how she has remediated her fitness to practise, and set out her future practice intentions."

NMC case presenter Kate Hare explained to the panel that Mrs Kate’s fitness to practise "remains impaired on the grounds of public protection" and she had not engaged with any of the suggestions of the previous panel.

Ms Hare added "the period since January 2021 was the first time that Mrs Kate has completely disengaged, and was open to the panel to consider allowing a further opportunity to engage."

The panel concluded: "Since the original order was made, Mrs Kate has taken limited action to remediate the concerns and has not engaged with the NMC in a consistent way, and therefore finds that there remains a risk to the public."

They added an extension to the suspension order "would not serve any useful purpose" and "the only sanction that would adequately protect the public and serve the public interest was a striking-off order."

The striking-off order will take effect from May 7, at the end of the current suspension order.