A COUPLE from Saltney who have turned their lives around by losing 7st between them have bagged a top slimming award.

The Saltney, Lache and Handbridge Slimming World group celebrated Paul and Juliet Sandiford’s achievements as part of Slimming World’s Couple of the Year 2021 competition.

Paul, 61, and Juliet, 57, who joined their local Slimming World group in 2017 believe supporting one another on their weight-loss journeys has been key to their success.

Paul, who has lost 4st 4.5lbs, said: “When we first joined Slimming World, we couldn’t believe how much food we could eat and still lose weight.

“Making small changes to the way we cooked our meals meant we could still enjoy all of our favourites like Cottage Pie and Burger and Chips and they taste so much better.

“We never have to miss out and don’t have to worry about weighing and measuring everything we eat or counting calories. Before we started we worried eating healthily might limit us but we try more new recipes now than we ever did before and have found Food Optimising fits around our lives, rather than the other way around.

“As we’ve lost weight we’ve enjoyed being more active as well, which means we do more together like getting out and about every morning for a nice long walk. Whether that be here in the UK or in Portugal where we also spend months of the year.

It was the couple’s fellow slimmers who voted them to represent the Saltney, Lache & Handbridge Slimming World group in the Couple of the Year 2021 competition.

Juliet, who is 2st 11.5lbs lighter since joining Slimming World, added: “We’re lucky because as well as the support we had from each other, the rest of the group have also been there for us – especially over the last year, when our group went virtual during lockdowns.

“We look forward to seeing everyone from our group each week – even if it is through a screen for now – and we swap recipes and strategies for staying on track, if we’ve ever struggled there has always been someone ready to suggest a new idea or remind us why we started this journey.

“It’s listening to others and talking about our own motivations and challenges that has, week by week, helped us to understand ourselves as slimmers better so we can make changes that we’re confident we can keep up for life.

“I don’t think we could have achieved all we have without the support of our Consultant Craig and the rest of the Saltney Lache & Handbridge group, and I can’t wait to get back to our real-life group and see everyone in person

Craig Jackson, who runs the Saltney Lache & Handbridge Slimming World group, praised the pair for the achievement

He said: “Paul and Juliet are living proof that slimmers are more successful when they lose weight together and get support and motivation from others.

“This past year has been incredibly difficult for so many of us, but Paul and Juliet’s determination to reach their goals has never faded. They’re always the first ones to offer support and encouragement to others in the group too – they’re a real inspiration and I couldn’t be more proud of them!

“Seeing Paul and Juliet’s weight come down week after week has been a joy. I really hope their weight loss can inspire people to get started on their own journey and show them that there’s a whole group of people waiting to support them every step of the way – and absolutely no judgement.”

Each Slimming World’s group in the UK and Ireland has its own Couple of the Year 2021 and winners will go forward to the national competition.

Paul and Juliet are now waiting to find out if they are in the running for the £3,000 cash prize.

The Saltney, Lache & Handbridge Slimming World group is held every Monday, with morning, afternoon and evening sessions to choose from.

To join, or find out more information, call or text Craig on 07824 098747.