CHESTER'S MP has hailed the work going on at the city's latest Covid vaccination centre – having now got the jab himself.

The Pavilion at Chester Racecourse has been transformed into a vaccination centre to help with the national effort to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The centre is staffed by clinicians, led by the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust, and a range of qualified volunteers and racecourse staff, which has included firefighters.

Chris Matheson, Labour MP for the City of Chester, visited the centre last Friday to see the brilliant work being carried out first hand.

He said: “It was a privilege to see the wonderful work being carried out here at the racecourse.

"There is a real buzz and a positive atmosphere around this vaccination centre, something that gives me real hope that we are on our way out of this pandemic.

"I would like to thank the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership, St John’s Ambulance, the brilliant volunteers and the staff at the racecourse who have all come together to achieve the best result possible.

"The national vaccination programme has brought out the best in people and is a true demonstration of the brilliance of our public services.

"This is what happens when we trust our NHS and our public services to get something done, instead of splurging £37 billion on privatised test track and trace programme with all the money going to Tory ‘mates’ and donors.”

Mr Matheson has since returned to the vaccination centre on Monday, but this time to receive the first dose of the vaccine himself.

He added: “On Monday morning, I received my AstraZeneca vaccine. The service at the vaccination centre was very good and very professional.

"The vaccine is our best hope out of the pandemic and I would like to pay tribute to everyone who is administering the vaccine, and to our medical scientists, clinical researchers, regulators and trial participants who have been instrumental in securing the vaccine.

"I gladly had my vaccine when it was my turn, and I would encourage everyone to do the same.”

Mr Matheson had tested positive for Covid last October, having shown symptoms, and self-isolated as a result.