A VILLAGE school on the outskirts of Chester will become the first in the county to offer families 'flexible schooling' for their children.

Huxley Church of England Primary School has announced its plans to allow pupils to work part of the week at school and part at home.

The innovative move would see the Church Lane school become the first in Cheshire to operate as a "Flexi-school".

Headteacher approval will be required for those interested in a flexible schooling arrangement. The school will continue to provide a complete curriculum for full-time pupils.

The news comes after The Standard recently announced that the once closure-threatened school was now looking forward to a more brighter future after its governing body came up with a plan to save it.

Cheshire West and Chester Council has conditionally approved the recovery plan.

Headteacher Cathy Davies said: “As educators we need to look at the larger picture in the development of our society.

"Due to the Covid situation our lives are changing radically. We are beginning to re-think commuting versus working at home, family time, questioning our lifestyles and where we live, working and studying remotely.

"Re-thinking educative models should begin from early schooling. Schools should now prepare for change and greater flexibility in learning.

"In the past learning was a place and now we are realising learning is activity, and the activity may extend from the school to the home."

Huxley Primary School.

Huxley Primary School.

In a press release issued today, the school explains what the move entails and why it is beneficial:

What is 'Flexi-schooling'?

Flexi-schooling started in 2009 and is a new and innovative approach to education.

It’s an arrangement between parents and the school where the child is registered at the school and follows the National Curriculum in the normal way but attends the school only part time. The rest of the time they are home educated under the supervision of parents.

The headteacher’s approval is required, who will firstly assess the conditions and practicalities of the arrangement. It is recognised as full-time education but delivered in a hybrid format of both school attendance and elective home education.

Why Huxley Primary School? Flexi-schooling is particularly well-adapted to small rural schools like Huxley.

Because of its size, the school can develop a very close personal relationship with both children and parents which is essential in flexible education.

At school, children have access to specialist educators. They also will have the resources and opportunities to work, socialise and join in school activities with their own peer group.

At the same time, they can benefit from a creative home-based curriculum.

Flexi-schooling requires parents to work closely with the school which can only enrich the educational experience for pupils.

Parents are able to improve their work life balance too. The Covid pandemic and new working arrangements for parents in Cheshire has increased the demand for this form of education.

This provides solutions for families in response to various opportunities as they arise.