A CHESTER man has been jailed and handed a Criminal Behaviour Order after making a series of hoax 999 calls to the police.

James Robert Woodiwiss, 35, of Western Court, Chester, appeared at North Cheshire Magistrates on February 17 after being charged with misusing the 999 service.

He pleaded guilty to ‘cause to be sent by public communication network a false message to cause annoyance or inconvenience.’

He was then sentenced to nine weeks in prison and handed a two year Criminal Behaviour Order prohibiting him from calling 999 unless it is an emergency.

Between October 26 2020 and February 15 this year, Woodiwiss made six hoax calls to police.

The calls were similar in nature and tended to involve drugs and knives.

Chief Inspector Gareth Wrigley said: “The calls involved dangerous situations that required robust emergency responses which included the likes of armed response officers and the police helicopter. This had a huge impact on the Constabulary’s finances and resources at the time.

“Woodiwiss showed no remorse and failed to comprehend the enormity of his actions on policing in Cheshire. He tied up resources needlessly for his own unfathomable reasons.

“When Woodiwiss has finished his time in custody, he will be subject to a Criminal Behaviour Order which will mean that if he calls 999 and it’s not an emergency, he risks going straight back to prison.

“I hope this goes as a warning for anyone who intends on misusing the 999 system, which is there for genuine emergencies, crimes in progress and where life is at risk. It is not something to be taken lightly and could put lives at risk if it is misused.”