POLICE have received reports of suspicious activity in the Whitby area of Ellesmere Port.

Two separate incidents were reported yesterday afternoon (January 12) relating to properties being visited by Irish males wearing hi-vis jackets.

In one of the incidents a male asked the homeowner "quite insistently" if they wanted to sell their vehicle.

Cheshire Police's Whitby Police social media accounts posted: "Two reports received yesterday regarding properties being visited by Irish males, wearing hi-vis jackets, touting for business, using a silver saloon vehicle.

"At 2pm an Irish male delivered a leaflet to a property on Clydesdale.

"No other addresses were visited to deliver the leaflets and the vehicle came back a few minutes later, driving up and down the road slowly before driving off again.

"At 3pm an Irish male called at a property on Trentdale asking quite insistently if the occupier wished to sell their vehicle.

"Please stay alert and keep an eye out for elderly neighbours."