A CHESTER primary school is full of praise for three contractors who carried out much-needed repairs on the school building – for free.

Everyone at Lache Primary School wishes to say a big thank you to Craig Brown, Adam Brown and David Stevenson, of Brown & Sons Roofing Specialist.

Headteacher Kate Seager said: "These superstars have kindly fixed our entire Junior Hall roof for free.

"Our school is over 80 years old and while it is a lovely building, its age means that it needs lots of maintenance.

"This has saved us a huge amount of money at a time when schools are struggling financially.

"Craig and the gang were so accommodating, working around school hours and when the children were in. Typically, the weather wasn’t great but that didn’t stop them.

"It is great that at such a difficult and challenging time, goodwill is still out there. What a fantastic community Lache is!

"We are incredibly grateful to these guys for giving up their own time and opportunity to earn money to support our school.

"Both Craig and Adam are parents of children who attend Lache and David is an ex-pupil. Their kindness and generosity is truly overwhelming.

"They will definitely be on Father Christmas’ good list!"