A NEW BMX track has officially been opened at a Chester village.

Following two years of fundraising and planning, the final phase of the ‘play area master plan’, a new BMX Pump Track has been completed on the Queen’s Field in Waverton.

Waverton Parish Council says this is a fantastic outdoor facility which will be enjoyed by Waverton residents and visitors for the years to come.

The track is located on the Queen’s Field next to the play areas, and is designed for BMX bikes, BMX cruisers, mountain bikes, skateboards, micro scooters and rollerblades, offering scope for the beginner and expert rider alike.

The funding for the track has come from several sources for which the parish council is incredibly appreciative.

Principle funder was FCC Communities Foundation (formerly called Wren), while generous contributions have come from local organisations: Grosvenor Westminster Foundation; The Crocky Trail and its local customers.

The parish council would like to thank the contractors Clark & Kent for their excellent work, and care and attention whilst undergoing the building works.

Thanks also go to Gethin from Stiwdio Owens for his support and expertise in helping the parish council apply for funding and carry out the tender for works.

Waverton Parish Council has conducted a 'virtual' opening and posted a video on its parish council Twitter feed @wavertonvillage and on Clark&Kent’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

The new site passed the ROSPA safety test, with the inspector commending the “very good design and installation”.

There is a prominent sign at the entrance showing the safety instructions, including a visual illustration of the personal safety equipment all track users should be wearing (eg BMX helmet with face shield).

Dave Clarke, vice chair of Waverton Parish Council, said: “We are delighted to have opened the new BMX pump track and it’s wonderful to see it being so popular in the first few weeks since opening.

"It provides healthy outdoor exercise for kids, is great fun and is all free of charge for all.

"This opening concludes a three-phase plan of play area construction, which started five years ago with the vision of a group of local volunteers led by Waverton resident Phil Goodall.

"All the hard work certainly has paid off."