THE Ellesmere Port man found guilty of murdering his housemate has been handed a life sentence.

A jury took just under an hour to find Arkadiusz Kaczmarek, 22, guilty of the murder of 47-year-old Slawomir Kulesza, at Blakemere Court, Ellesmere Port, on or just after May 1 this year.

It followed a nine-day trial which concluded on Thursday, October 29.

At his sentencing on Friday, October 30, Honorary Recorder of Chester Judge Steven Everett handed Kaczmarek a life sentence, with a minimum term of 19 years before he can be considered for parole.

Judge Everett called the multiple stabbing a "frenzied" attack.

He noted that, sadly, there was no-one to speak on behalf of murder victim Slawomir Kulesza.

He said: "We heard from his on-off partner, who was fond of him, but it was not a close relationship.

"The sad fact is, like you [Kaczmarek], he had a difficult upbringing. He lived near to you in Poland. Alcohol became a difficulty for him.

"He was a gentle character, he caused no offence to anyone, was quiet. He kept a tidy house and was quite house-proud.

"Here was someone who was having difficulties but did not inflict them on anyone else."

Addressing Kaczmarek, the judge said: "We will never know what caused you to kill him. This was a drink-fuelled and frenzied attack.

"There were many blows you inflicted on him - 10 stab wounds, a serious slash wound, in addition to other wounds to the back of him.

"I am quite sure you do remember what you did and knew what you were doing at the time.

"I am also sure that after you had done so, you came to your senses and realised what you had done. you left the premises to get rid of the knife.

"It looked to me like you were intent on killing yourself too. You were spotted on Westminster Bridge. You were not able to do that and police, completely unknowingly, took you back to your house.

"You did your best to persuade them not to look for him. They did and this terrible scene was foundin the dining area of the house.

"There is only one sentence I can pass, a sentence of life imprisonment.

"You completely lost sense of right or wrong and, for no good reason, lost control and carried out this attack.

"This was a truly violent attack, a repeated stabbing, using a murderous weapon used only a couple of hours earlier when you cut up chicken.

"You are a young man with no previous convictions. Your lifestyle was not as it should have been, you were quite used to drinking heavily. Like your victim, you had a difficult background and a difficult upbringing, but you cannot rely on that all your life."

Kaczmarek, who kept his head bowed throughout the sentencing hearing, wept upon hearing his sentence as he was led to the cells.

There was no separate penalty for the other charge Kaczmarek pleaded guilty to during the trial, possession of the kitchen knife in public.