STORYHOUSE Chester has confirmed that its Halloween Moonlight Drive-in cinema event will go ahead at the home of Chester FC after all.

Earlier this week we reported how the eagerly-anticipated screenings would have to be scrapped – because the Deva Stadium toilets are in Wales.

The unique geographical feature of Chester FC's home ground, which sees it split between England and Wales, has traditionally been a source of pub trivia, but for arguably the first time, it had led to a bizarre event cancellation.

Because people would have to just cross the border to use the ground's facilities and North Wales Police would be enforcing the lockdown restrictions, Storyhouse faced the prospect of axing its plans to host its drive-in season at the Deva.

However, they have come up with a way of making the event work – by reducing the capacity to accommodate portable toilets.

Storyhouse said: "Thank you so much for the support (and puns) over the last few days as we have tackled one of the more strange and surprising problems of lockdown, toilet-gate!

"We are as determined as ever to bring some much-needed joy and would be devastated to cancel and disappoint our bookers. So we now have a plan.

"We will stay at Deva Stadium, but have reduced the capacity so we can comfortably fit all cars on the English side of the border and can manage entry and exit carefully. We will also be providing portaloos so customers can have a wee without breaking the law!

"Sadly, we will have to cancel our hot dogs as we’ll no longer be able to provide these on site, however you are still welcome of course to bring your own food and drink with you. You can still buy our amazing Retro Sweet Boxes if you fancy a treat.

"For most bookers, this means everything is going ahead for you as planned. For some bookers, this means some disruption to your event. All bookers have been contacted by email.

"Bookers for The Rocky Horror Picture Show on 27 October – unfortunately this screening has had to be cancelled. We are really sorry to disappoint you.

"Bookers for Hocus Pocus on 31 October – as we have had to reduce the capacity, we now cannot fit everyone in. But we’ve worked a little magic, and we now have TWO screenings of Hocus Pocus on Saturday 31 October, one at 5.30pm and another at 8.30pm.

"Bookers who live in Wales – we are really sorry that you won’t be able to join us. Please contact us at by midnight Sunday 25 October so we can process a full refund for you."