A DETERMINED slimmer from Ellesmere Port is ready to show off her weight-loss success.

Lyndsey Farrington, who joined Slimming World in January 2020, has lost a total of three stone.

Lyndsey joined the St Saviour’s Social Club group in a bid to lose weight for her holiday this summer.

She said: “Like many people do, every year I’d make the same resolution to lose weight, and also like many, I’d never follow through with it.

“I’ve always struggled with my weight, and covered my insecurities with my loud and bubbly personality.

"I enjoyed socialising with my friends, however I would avoid having my photo taken.

"It wasn’t until I saw some pictures of myself online that I realised just how much weight I had gained. I was embarrassed and ashamed at how unhealthy I had become.”

However, this year, Lyndsey was determined to change that, and she wasn’t going to let lockdown stop her, and so she joined Slimming World.

She said: “I was filled with nerves walking through the doors, I received such a warm and friendly welcome though that I soon forgot about them.

“And when I was introduced to the plan, I was so surprised by all the food that I could still eat, such as pasta, rice and potatoes, without feeling guilty.

"I got stuck in right away and started cooking meals from scratch, rather than relying on convenience foods or takeaways. I stocked up on plenty of fruit in case I got hungry between meals. I can still enjoy a treat every now and then, too.

“Joining Slimming World was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m much healthier and happier and I’m confident the habits I’ve discovered will stay with me forever.

"I’m especially looking forward to going on holiday next year– and have no worries about my picture being taken anymore! I hope to take lots of holiday snaps that I’ll be able to show off with pride.”

Lynsey Blackshaw, who runs the St Saviour’s Club group that Lyndsey attends, says she couldn’t be prouder of Lyndsey’s achievement: “She has come so far since joining Slimming World.

"Her determination to lose weight and lead a healthier life is really inspiring, both to me and all of the other members in the St Saviour’s Club group.

"I hope she’ll inspire other people in Ellesmere Port and show them that it is possible to lose that excess baggage they’ve been carrying!”

The St Saviour’s Social Club Slimming World group is held every Monday and Tuesday afternoon/evenings at St Saviour’s Social Club, Ellesmere Port.

Booking is essential. For details, call Lynsey Blackshaw on 07710 198021 or email Lynseyblackshaw@hotmail.com.